Wendy Dwornikiewicz


Wendy has always loved doing anything connected with physical fitness, and had been teaching Zumba and muscle toning classes since 2008. Wendy had taken many yoga classes but had never tried hot yoga, until Modo Yoga Cambridge opened.  The first class was all it took for her to know this is what she had been searching for.  The heat soothed her body, the poses were physically challenging, and the breathing calmed her mind. Wendy knew that teacher training would be her next step.  Her daughter Emily also had an interest in the teacher training, and they knew this was the path they were meant to take together.  In September 2012, Wendy and Emily spent a month in Montreal at training, and they never looked back! Wendy is the co-owner of the Modo Yoga Cambridge location, and a beloved teacher at Modo Yoga Brantford.

Wendy knows that all the training along the way has led her to this very special place and she is so thankful and filled with love for all the amazing teachers who have inspired her along her journey. She looks forward to many more magical moments.